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White smoke, smoke, smoke is a common fault of excavator. The following is a simple investigation of specific reasons of three kinds of color.

White smoke

1, white smoke most of the situation is caused by the cylinder water, please check the diesel oil is not water, the general start of the white smoke time is very short, the engine has no problem;

2, if the excavator start white smoke, oil is not reduced, also unable to work digging, the engine cylinder damages;

3. The atomizer of the injector is bad and the cylinder pressure is too low is also one of the reasons that cause the engine to smoke the white smoke, and the injector is checked.

Take the blue smoke

When the cold start cold car: take the blue smoke blue smoke, the car disappeared after is normal, because there will be a small part of the oil into the combustion chamber of the engine after stopping.

Take the blue smoke continued after the start:

1, the diesel filter core is blocked, check the engine oil model is correct.

2, the engine piston ring and valve seal wear, resulting in oil or into the exhaust pipe, resulting in failure to take Lanyan excavator;

The clearance between the piston and the cylinder 3, caused by excessive blue smoke;

4, mixed with diesel oil, is a major feature of blue smoke from burning oil.

Smoke black smoke

Black smoke is the external performance of fuel burning inadequately in the cylinder. We should start with three aspects:

1, the intake is not enough: check whether the intake valve clearance is in a reasonable range, and the valve gap is not equal, which will cause insufficient intake pressure and volume, and whether there is any blockage in the air filter element. The turbocharger is damaged and the intake pressure is insufficient.

2. The quality of diesel oil is not good, and the diesel pump and the nozzle are worn out.

3, injector wear: excessive fuel injection, resulting in inadequate combustion. The service personnel should be invited to carry out the engine VAT experiment to check whether it is due to the abrasion of the injector nozzle. In case of a excavator smoke, a simple investigation and treatment can be carried out according to the above and contact with the professional staff.

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